The Sad Dark Story Behind MB Salone Childhood

Little is known about the childhood of Mohamed Bailor Barrie aka MB Salone whose social media presence is a big buzz in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as sparking interest with his loyal fan base in the United States.  A background check on him revealed an inspiring story; from a sad, traumatizing childhood to a successful all in one music engineer, blogger, photographer, video producer, graphic designer/editor and currently an artist too.

The American based Sierra Leonean music producer/audio engineer/celebrity photographer/graphic designer/editor and official blogger for the rapper 50Cent’s website; Thisis50 was born in Sierra Leone. He is a grandson of Alhaji Mohamed Bailor Barrie; the famous philanthropist and diamond and gold dealer in West Africa in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. His grandfather was also known for other businesses such as importation of rice, Hyundai, and Daihatsu among other things.

MB Salone & Mike Snotty Miller at Parheleon Recording Studios Atlanta, GA.jpgMB Salone & Mike Snotty Miller at Parhelion Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA


MB Salone is from the Fula people of Sierra Leone and was born on August 17th, 1990 in Freetown,  Sierra Leone. He was born during the war over blood diamonds in Sierra Leone. His childhood was not very pleasant growing up in a war-plagued country.

He was a mischievous young boy and bears a big scar on his face, as a reminder of dreadful events he went through. At an age of 2 years, he fell 3 stories through a flight of stairs splitting his head open. His face had to be operated for reconstruction.

At age 6, the war over the diamonds had rekindled in Sierra Leonne. MB Salone and his sister were nearly abducted to be turned into child soldiers by the rebel forces. He luckily got an opportunity to leave his country for Jacksonville in the United States as an undocumented refugee.

In the United States, he joined the state’s education system though he was not very good in school. He got poor grades failing multiple times as a result of the trauma he faced as a child. His interest was more in Music. In the 7th grade, he was arrested for petit theft at a Target store in Jacksonville FL. He attended Wolfson High School in Jacksonville FL and he was eventually expelled from high school in his last year for being tardy too many times and missing school too often.  In 2014, luckily, he was able to attend Prince George’s Community College in Maryland for a GED program and received his GED in 2015.

MB Salone interest in music was so profound that he started making trap beats and r&b beats while still in high school in 2007. His official introduction to music was not until 2011 when he met Fred Marshall while selling his poorly put together instrumental CD’s in front of Walreens Pharmacy near downtown Atlanta. Fred Marshall an upcoming rapper then ended up liking his beats and within a span of one year, he had introduced MB Salone to Mike Snotty Miller – a Grammy awards winner music engineer, Sonny Digital, and Dj UNK.
Over the years that followed MB Salone worked with  Mike Snotty as his understudy on several projects including “Carousel” by Kylie Beniamino and several unreleased tracks by Dj UNK. In 2017 MB received a placement with Reality TV Star Lil Key. He co-produced, with Mr. Wilson, Lil Key’s single “Short Right There” which has premiered on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 and the Rap Game Season 2.  He also co-produced the video to the single with DJ. J. Remy

His growth in the music industry over the years is remarkable and he has worked with different artists (including Yung Dro, Unk, Lil Key), video producers (including Dj J. Remy) and other music engineers.

MB Salone has also diversified in other areas and he is also a photographer, video producer, graphic designer/editor and a blogger. He is one of the official bloggers of the rapper 50 Cent’s website “Thisis50”. He is the professional photographer for celebrities such as Lawrence Robinson, Alton Williams, Gabby Douglas and RPG Hair Show.

MB Salone contribution to the entertainment industry could not go unnoticed. He has been a multiple times nominee for Duval Diamond Awards that includes

  • 2012 – nominee for producer of the Year – Duval Diamonds Awards
  • 2013 – nominee for producer of the Year – Duval Diamonds Awards
  • 2014 – nominee for producer of the Year – Duval Diamonds Awards
  • 2015 – nominee for producer of the Year – Duval Diamonds Awards
  • 2016 – nominee for producer of the Year – Duval Diamonds Awards


Some of his work include:

  1. 2017 – “Short Right There” single – by Lil Key – audio co-produced by MB Salone & Mr. WIlson. Video co-produced by MB Salone & Dj. J. Remy
  2. February 2018 – “Da Plug” instrumental album -16 instrumentals – produced by MB Salone himself